Grocery Delivery & Shopping

Our currently delivery schedule is: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Want your grocery list delivered?

Wagoner Delivery will pick-up & deliver your online order from your favorite retailer. To get started, click a button and follow the easy instructions!

our Grocery Delivery services

Walmart Grocery Pick-Up & Delivery

Want to schedule a grocery pick up order on, then schedule us to pick it up at your assigned time and deliver it right to your door! It’s easy! Once you have completed a Grocery Pick-Up order on, just click the button below and enter your information to schedule a pick up and delivery time with Wagoner Delivery. We will bring it to your home, office or even a campsite!

Reasor's Grocery Pick-Up Delivery

You can shop for your groceries from Reasor’s online at: . (Just be sure to select the Tahlequah, OK. store for pick up). Pay for your grocery order on the Reasor’s website and select a time that the order will be ready. You can select any time slot that we have available for us to deliver your grocery order to you. (YOUR DELIVERY TIME DOES NOT NEED TO BE THE SAME AS YOUR PICKUP TIME. DELIVERY TIME ONLY NEEDS TO BE SET FOR AFTER THE AVAILABLE PICK UP TIME YOU SELECTED AT REASORS.COM) It’s super easy and gives folks in Wagoner another grocer option! Have a question about pick-up and delivery from Reasor’s? You can always give us a call at (918) 550-8324 to talk with us! Ready to schedule a delivery for your order? Just schedule your grocery pick up at the Tahlequah, OK. Reasor’s store, then click on the button below to schedule your delivery!

Dollar General Pick-Up & Delivery

Need to place an order for delivery from Dollar General? We can do that! At this time, we only offer pick-up and delivery of your Dollar General order from the store at Taylor Ferry. 

To use this service:

  1. log on to (or use the Dollar General app)
  2. Select the Taylor Ferry store (33550 State Highway 51Wagoner, OK 74467-3707)
  3. Do your Shopping online & enter your payment information to pay Dollar General.
  4. When your done shopping online with Dollar General, Click/Select the button below to schedule a pick-up and delivery with Wagoner Delivery.
  5. Just follow the directions on our form, enter your payment information and your all set for your delivery! It’s that easy!

Our delivery hours from General are: 11:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Tuesday – Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Want Us to Do The Shopping?

Personal Shopping Services

Want us to do the shopping for you then deliver? We can do that! This is a great option when your favorite retailer in Wagoner, OK. has no available shopping time slots available, when you need a grocery pick up from a business that does not have a grocery pick up option or when you want someone you're familiar with to shop for you and your family. Just click the button below to set up an appointment time for us to do your grocery shopping, then we'll deliver it right to your front door! If you select this option, we will require you to create an account with us, which may require putting an active credit or debit card on file with our company. 

Express Pick-Up & Delivery Services

Need just a couple of items picked up from a store? This is a great option for the lake goer or vacationer who just really who'd rather not drive into Wagoner to pick up a couple of items. Maybe you're finishing up dinner and just realized you forgot something with your grocery order? Whatever you need picked up from a local retailer can be at your door in under an hour in most instances with Wagoner Delivery’s Express Pick-Up & Delivery option. This is the  prefect choice when your order will not meet minimum online order requirements with some retailers, or you need a few items from a local store quickly. Give it a try!

  • To use the personal shopper services and express delivery services we offer, you may be required to create an account with us and have an active credit or debit card on file.